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Ease your anxiety from the inside out

If you suffer from anxiety in Pleasantville, NY, acupuncture can help!

Did you know acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can reduce stress by restoring your body’s natural hormonal equilibrium? These are safe, time-tested approaches to healing that leave out synthetic medications with potential harmful side effects.

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“We conclude that acupuncture was efficient to attenuate the psychological distress…”

In a 2010 study published in the journal Neuroscience Letters, researchers looked at the effect of acupuncture on psychological distress, including depression, anxiety and stress. Researchers measured patient-reported anxiety levels before and after treatments. They also cultured blood cells from the patients to measure the density of T-cells, a type of white blood cell related to immune function and healing, before and after treatments. Patients’ anxiety scores were significantly lower after the acupuncture treatments, and the proliferation of T-cells increased after the treatments.


It’s a natural treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses completely natural treatment methods that leverage ancient herbal remedies and your body’s innate healing processes rather than synthetic medications. We help you get back to optimal health without drugs or harmful side effects.

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Access your body’s natural healing processes

Acupuncture acts like physical therapy for the nervous system. The tiny needles retrain the nervous system and the brain, balancing cortisol levels and conditioning the nervous system to release cortisol only in true “flight or fight” scenarios rather than maintaining chronic high levels of cortisol which are seen in patients with anxiety and stress.


Address the root causes of your stress

Both acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine address the root cause(s) of your stress rather than just masking your symptoms. At our acupuncture clinic located in Pleasantville, NY we develop treatment plans that are unique to each patient because every individual has a unique body, health history and root cause(s) behind their anxiety.


Yes, it is very safe. Acupuncturists use individually wrapped, single-use, sterile needles for each treatment.

Acupuncture can cause minor bruising and tenderness around where the needles are inserted. This bruising will go away within a couple of days after your treatment.

This depends on the severity of your anxiety and how long it has been an issue. Chronic afflictions tend to take longer to resolve than acute injuries. We will help determine the duration of time it will take for you to see significant changes in your health. We can work together to develop a treatment plan that’s manageable for you.

Our acupuncture clinic is located in Pleasantville, NY. We are licensed acupuncturists with experience treating the root cause(s) of your anxiety. Schedule an appointment below.

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